Aesthetic Revolt Art

"hang me out to dry"
found object sculpture

Marie Magnetic is a Queer, Jewish, and Indigenous visual artist based in Chicago. Her art practice examines dystopia, detachment, and delusion in society. Growing up in a small town in southwestern Michigan helped to shape her political ideals and values as she witnessed friends and family suffer from addiction, mental health issues, and poverty.

Marie is inspired by dada and surrealism, working to create a sense of investigation for the viewer. Through her work, Marie explores themes of intersectional feminism, consumerism, status quo, education, and access to information. She uses painting, collage, and mixed media to delve into a world where familiarity and the unknown merge to balance absurdity with reality. Marie hopes she may teach her viewers to think about the world differently, challenge societal norms, and inspire a greater understanding of social consciousness.

All artwork on this website is available for sale. Please email Marie at for more information.