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call in the calvary
call in the calvary
acrylic on canvas board

As I write this, I mourn the heinous acts of violence carried by Israel and the IDF toward Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, along with the incorrigible murder of 6-year-old Wadea Al-Fayoume and the severe injuries of his mother committed by their racist and Islamophobic landlord.

My heart is broken.

I stand in solidarity with Palestinians seeking freedom and liberation. Genocide and oppression are part of my history as I am a descendant of German Jewish immigrants and Indigenous Americans (Blackfeet Nation). I condemn the US-funded war state of Israel. I detest Zionism with every fiber of my being. To be anti-Zionist is not to be anti-Semitic. I appreciate my Jewish ancestors and the strife they encountered. I also see the pain of everyone in Gaza, and know that while not all of the Israeli occupants see Palestinians as people, they are our siblings. However, I know that not all of the Jewish people agree with Israel, the IDF and Zionism. We cannot use genocide to excuse another genocide.

Here is a very good informational video on why Zionism is racist:
Why Zionism is racism